1999 - Quality and Integrity Pave the way to the Future

Siam Commercial Bank has stated its mission as being The Premier Universal Bank of Thailand. Thus, it seeks to provide not only the traditional commercial banking services but a full range of financial services, and aided by continual organization and personnel development to meet international standards – in part, through the Change Program – Siam Commercial Bank has experienced continuous growth.


On the eve of its 100th anniversary in 2007, the board of Directors approved an addition to the vision to reflect change in the Bank’s second century "To Be the Bank of Choice for Our Customers, Shareholders, Employees and Community. "The statement reflects the bank’s awareness that it must be a contributing member of the community, not only by adhering to the principles of good governance and ethical management, but by endeavouring to be a responsible member of the community. Today, Siam Commercial Bank is a strong institution, prepared to grow stably in a Changing world.

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